Maza, Carla
C.Maza's 8th Social Studies
Room 422
Conference 8:30-9:20 am
I am here to help, so please ask if you have any questions!!!
Basic Syllabus:
Rules: See rule guide that went home with the students
Pre-AP: Students will have projects to complete outside of class and research to complete.  Assignments will be due at the due date.
*Tutoring will be available for students that need remedial or extra help.  Tutoring sessions will be after school from 4:00 to 6:00. Transportation and a snack will be provided for students who stay.
Grading:Tests/Projects =60%
             Daily work=40%
*I will not provide make-up work after the final due date.
spiral notebook
blue/black pens
pencils with erasers
colored pencils
notebook paper
**I will not provide supplies to the students