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Patricia Cruz

8th Grade English Language Arts Syllabus


Course: 8th Grade English Language Arts                          
Patricia Cruz
Recommended Grade Level: 8th     
Email Address:
Conference Time: 11:30 am - 12:30pm

Semester:  First/Second     
Classroom Phone:  233-2309


Course Description: This course emphasizes critical writing of various types and analysis through discussion, literature, projects, and speeches.  Students will examine the links among culture, history, and real-life situations.


Areas of Study:

Writing:     Expository Compositions, Short Answer Response Questions, APEPE

Grammar: 8 Parts of Speech, Punctuation, Types of Sentences, Sentence Structure, Complete/Fragment Sentences

Speaking:   Oral Reading and Presentations, Skits/Acting


Course Outcomes: In accordance with each individual’s capabilities and district, state, and national language arts standards, the student will:

  1. Identify the eight parts of speech and recognize correct usage of each grammatical form.

  2. Develop simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.

  3. Write narratives, expository/informational, persuasive essays

  4. Develop proofreading techniques dealing with grammar, punctuation, and content.

  5. Expand vocabulary strategies and usage.

  6. Deliver oral presentations.


    Graded Assignment Categories:

          Vocabulary      Vocabulary words will be given daily and tested  weekly. 

          Composition    Journals, writing practice, and formal essays

          Grammar       8 parts of speech (Noun, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Pronoun, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection), punctuation, types of sentences, sentence structure, etc.

          Miscellaneous     Projects, speeches, oral presentations, etc.

          Bell Work          Daily skills practice at beginning of class


    Required Work and Work Standards:

    1.   One 1 or 1 ½ three-ring binder.

    2.   One composition or spiral notebook (journal).

    3.   One set of 5 dividers

    4.   Black or blue ink pen is required for all final drafts.

    5.   Pencil is required for all daily assignments.

    6.   Set of four different colored highlighters

    7.   Use neat, legible handwriting, complete sentences, and proper mechanics for all assignments. 

    8.   Use a correct heading on all assignments with first and last name.  The heading appears in the upper left-hand corner beginning on the top line. 


    Assignment Policies:

    Late Work:  Late work will be accepted until one week before the end of each quarter.  The highest grade a student may earn on proficient late work is 70%.  For late work that is beyond one week after due date, the student will receive a grade of 50%. 

          Essays and projects are due on the assigned date.  If a student is ill and cannot get the assignment to school, a parent must call or email Ms. Cruz in order for the assignment to be counted on timeIf an assignment is turned in late without a parent's call or email to Ms. Cruz, the assignment will receive a lower grade for being lateSpeeches and other presentations may not be made up if absent unless a parent notifies the teacher prior to the presentation to excuse the absence and to reschedule the presentation.



Classroom Standards & Procedures:

1.   Be on time to class by sitting in your assigned seat when the bell rings with Bell Work materials ready.

2.   Come ready and prepared to learn by bringing proper materials (pen, paper, journal, notebook)

3.   Respect your rights and the rights of others to learn by sitting in your assigned seat, raising your hand to speak, and following classroom procedures.

4.   Work at learning by accepting challenges, allowing yourself to make mistakes, and completing assignments.

5.   Ask for support.



1. A student may be given a verbal warning or redirection to correct behavior.

2.  A student may be directed to a new seat in the classroom to minimize distractions.

3.  The teacher will refer students to administration for continued classroom disruptions.



1. Speak kindly to others and listen when others are talking.

2. Leave electronics, food, or drink in your backpack

3. Check the Bell Work board as soon as they arrive in class each day, and follow the directions for the Bell Work assignment. Bell Work is a daily warm-up activity that counts toward overall grade.

4. Put items in their proper place after use. Make sure your area is neat and clean before you leave class.

5. Ask for permission to leave the classroom at appropriate times

6. Check the Assignment Corner for missed assignments after an absence, and ask for support with missed assignments during Bell Work or after class.  Students may check the Assignment Center before the tardy bell rings.












8th Grade English Language Arts Syllabus

Ms. Cruz

Student and Parent/Guardian Agreement


PLEASE READ, SIGN, AND RETURN TO MS. CRUZ BY ­­­­­­­___________________.



We have read and understand the 8th Grade English Language Arts course syllabus including the classroom standards, classroom procedures, and assignment policies.  We also understand that failure to complete course assignments or abide by the assignment policies can result in loss of points toward the final grade or loss of credit for the class.


________________________     __________         __________________________
Student Name (please print)           Date                    Signature

_______________________     ___________        ___________________________
Parent Name ( please print)            Date                   Signature


Note to Parent/Guardian:

Email is the quickest and easiest way for me to communicate with you about your child’s achievement in my class.  However, you may also call or meet with me as well.  My contact information is located on the front page of the course syllabus. 


Please note the best time and method that you can be contacted. 


Best time to contact you:  From ____________ to _____________ at the phone number(s) listed below. Please identify the name of the person I will be contacting at each number.





Email:         Mom/Guardian:_______________________________________________________



                    (Please PRINT and identify who belongs to each email.)


Is there anything else Ms. Cruz should know?  Parent notes to teacher:




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